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Advanced Youth Players Clinic/League 2021


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Advanced Youth Players Beach 2021


 Welcome to the SURGE Volleyball Club RI Spring and Summer program.  We will be running two separate programs for our Advanced Youth Players (AYP).  Advanced Youth Players have a strong foundation of the game of beach volleyball.  They consistently serve, pass and hit the ball well.  They are comfortable playing 2v2 and have had some experience playing beach volleyball before.  This mostly consists of high school players with some middle school players who have a lot of experience.  

First Program: On Tuesdays starting May 25th, we will have an "Advanced Youth Player" clinic from 4 to 5:30PM.  It will run for 12 weeks and end on Aug. 17th.  Players will work with coaches on Advanced Beach Techniques and Tactical Skills and have lots of 2v2 play time where you can partner with different players. No practice days the the week of July 5th-9th.


Second Program :Advanced Youth Player League.  This is open to all Advanced Players whether they do the Tuesday clinic or not.  It is a 12 week 2v2 league program with 10 weeks of league play and 2 weeks of playoffs.   League play will be on Thursday Nights from 6 to 8pm and it will run from May 27th until August 19th.  There will not be games the week of July 5-9.    Please specify your teammate for this league if you have one.   If you do not have a partner yet, please indicate that on the registration.    

 Cost $100/player. Registration for league play closes on May 2oth

 The AYP Clinic and the AYP League will be at Glen Park in Portsmouth, RI on the sand and grass courts.  Teams will alternate between the two. 

Players can sign up for AYP Clinic, AYP League or both on the payment page.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us. 


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